Pigs. On the wall. Watching me.

I had a blast painting these guys.  Their skin is full of colors, especially early in the morning.  I can't wait to see the reaction to this painting when it goes on the wall in May.  When a painting makes you giggle.  To me, that is a success.

On the Fence 6x6"

Baby pygmy goats.   Kids actually.  
It's a double dose of cute.  

Peonies in progress

This is my third day working on this one.  It is 30x48".  I haven't painted a peony this size in a while.  I plan to have a half dozen of these for a solo show at the Thomas Moser showroom, July 17th!  I am so excited, I am working day and sometimes night to have killer work for Cafe This Way in May too.  It is going to be a great year!!

New tree in progress

It is snowing out.  Actually, it's a Nor'easter. March 12.  So the only thing on my mind right now is summer.
Thus, this big beautiful tree.  I think I will appreciate this summer a bit more than all the summers past!  It is hard to walk away from these tree paintings once I start them because they are so fun to paint.

Lily "in progress"

This is a 30x40".  It is feeling a bit to much like a rainbow at this point, but I am confident that I will be able to bring it all together when I paint the rest of the paler values in the petals.  Whew, what a full day of painting.  It feels good though!

Nestled In 6x6

Here is another post from the IPad.  It seems a bit blurry.  I don't know if this is going to work out.
Any way, I love doing little studies because I can try different techniques.  I am pleased by the result.  The hay seemed daunting at first but I've got this now.

Sunflowers 30x40 in progress

I am posting from my IPad tonight rather than my camera and laptop.  I usually manipulate photos of my work until they are as accurate as possible.  I think the quality of the photo may not be as good, but the ease of use is much better. We will see if I can get into doing it this way.  This painting is big.  I have been working on it constantly since I sketched it out two days ago. (minus some hours of sleeping)

Checking In 6x6" sold

They are watching us.  Every chance they get.  The white chicken used to be the smallest, sickest one of the flock of 6.  Now, she is a monster compared to the rest of them; healthy and full of personality too.  I can't wait for Spring to come for them... and me.

Common Ground Kid 6x6

This cutie was a crowd pleaser at the Common Ground Fair last year.  He made the ridiculous parking situation and all the walking worth it. I love painting their weird alien eyes.  I might have to do this one again, but bigger.

Early Pig 6x6

The farm up the street from my house had pigs last year.  I was a regular visitor.  They seemed pretty friendly, but I was always comforted by the electric fence.  Whenever I would pull up to the fenced-in area they would all come running towards me.  Dust flying and ground shaking.  I am fascinated by them.  *More pig paintings to come!