Old Fashioned Hollyhock

I finished up today and I will be bringing it up to the Cafe This Way next week. I'll be working on more flowers next week, it feels good to be working on the big canvases again.


  1. Lovely.

    It's interesting to see the painting evolve.

    You said that you liked the soft yellow background with the hollyhock, but it's finished with green and blue, which is also quite nice, but more realistic and less "dreamy."

    What made you decide to go that way?

  2. I liked the yellow, it actually represented the color of my house in the beginning. But I really felt like I was struggling to give the flower the power that I wanted it to have. When I started putting in the darker colors the flower started coming forward the way I wanted it to. I will probably attempt it in those colors again, but with more flowers in the composition. Thanks Nancy

  3. Hi Neiley,

    Wow...another gorgeous painting! You do realize I would buy all your paintings if I had the wall space and money!

    By the way, your new blogspot is a wonderful idea. I'm enjoying all of the posts. Have a great weekend.

    Josephine :)

  4. I LOVE everything you paint.. and you too!

    xo Julie

  5. I had hoped that this blog would keep me better in touch with those who have supported me so much. So glad to have you checking in, Josephine and Julie! Thanks guys