I'm working on the sunflower painting and will post a picture of it when it starts looking sunflowerish. Right now I am just reflecting on the effects of blogging. I have sent a small number of people a link to this blog and posted the address on my website. So far I have been able to hear comments, had some sales, and have been more motivated to paint. All great things due to this blog. I love having a new picture to post at the end of the day. I had intentions of posting small finished pieces every day or so when I started. But now I realize that I am happy working on the larger pieces and posting them in their progessional stages as well. I am always trying to grow as an artist and showing my "works in progress" is definitely new for me. Showing my art in this way is much more personal. This blog is helping me connect with my viewers in a different way and I am enjoying the process.

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