Here is another tree painting. This one is 24"x24" and much brighter in person. I'm starting to go back through all my paintings to "finish" them. I might not be posting new ones as regularly, but I'm working... all the time.
I am also working on some notecards for this year. I'll have packages of flower paintings. They'll be 5"x5" in packs of 5? I'm excited about these, they are like mini prints. I can't wait to post them on the blog for you. I'm hoping to be able to have a order form so they can be purchased straight through this blog or from my website. Stay tuned for one other product I'm working on.

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  1. Jenniffer B Grant PerronMarch 30, 2009 at 9:50 AM

    This painting is AMAZING! How talented you are!!!