*** My website ( may be down for a few days as well as my email. There was a problem with my renewal and I'm waiting for them to fix it - sorry. I'll be back soon!! I have been working on a few new paintings this week. This one is an iris from a huge iris garden in Auburn. They literally have hundreds of different kinds. Every year my mother and I make the annual trip to this garden to do a photo shoot. I am always drawn to this particular variety. Isn't it a nice color combo.?! Anyway, the weather here in Maine has been drawing me out of the studio a little more than I should have allowed. It was 68 degrees today. Oooh, I love it, crocus are blooming!!


  1. Neiley,
    It's been a while and I wanted to see what new paintings you have done. You must be catching on because there were slim pickins ! Your art has evolved so much since I bought my first painting of yours years ago. To me, your voice has become very strong and vibrant. I guess I'll have to tune into your blog to see your creations as you make them, then I'll have first choice.

    Warm regards,
    Ruth Parsons, your Georgia admirer

  2. I think of you often - Ruth. Your support really motivated me! I am so happy to have you checking in with the blog and I hope to paint something for you again!!