Macpherson study

Kevin Macpherson is one of my favorite artists. I have a couple of his books and I have learned so much from them. His paintings are so inspirational to me. Recently, I have been working a lot. I'm noticing that my style seems to be a bit heavy handed lately. Maybe because I am pushing to work instead of to create. Now that I am taking a step back, I am fully aware and refering back to the books that guided and inspired me. I always want to paint my own impression. So I painted this little study of a painting that Macpherson did, my way and not for sale of course. It is important for me to keep the essence of art in tact - painting as I see it, not necessarily as it truely is.


  1. Neiley, do you know of the Group of Seven (iconic Canadian painters)? This qualities of this study remind me very much of Jack PIne by Tom Thomson. I'll email the image to you. I really like this piece of yours!

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