This was fun. There is a duck pond up the road from me, so I think I'll be taking advantage of it. My frames for all these little paintings came yesterday. Although half of my order was incorrectly filled, I still think I'm right on track for the show. I'm actually getting excited about it. All of my work will be completely new (except that you are previewing most of it here). I have always wondered how I would do with all little paintings... we will see. :)


  1. I always enjoy checking back on your website and your blog to see what you are doing. The ducks are adorable. My husband and I have your "HOLLYHOCK CENTER" and "PEACHES" pieces and they bring us continuous joy. Unfortunately, we will not be able to be in Bar Harbor for your showing at the College of the Atlantic but know your gems will wow those lucky enough to see all of them! MICHELLE in St. Petersburg, FL

  2. Thank you for your support, Michelle. I needed that bit of encouragement. I'm a little out of my comfort zone with these little paintings but I'm loving the process of learning how to paint them. So happy to hear you are enjoying your paintings too!