I think I will "mellow-out" those strong shadows, but I like it. I'm feeling a bit more confident today. For about a month I have been listening to tv shows while I work, yesterday and today I went back to listening to my ipod. I just figured out how important music is - the inspiration is crucial for me to paint at my best. This was a winning play list for me: Jimi Hendrix, who was the most creative and expressive man. Bob Marley who was a such sweet soul, and Metallica which makes you feel like you can kick ass. I love all music, but mostly the stuff that makes you feel something, which is how I intend my art to be.

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  1. I find I have the same problem when I try to write. If the TV is on, I am not at all creative. With it off, I seem to find more inspiration and the words flow more freely. I am enjoying seeing your work. Makes me want to start painting again!