Cherry Blossoms in progress

I started the week inspired to do a landscape. But I had forgotten that I am not particularly good at them. So I sketched out these cherry blossoms and I have been working on them for two days. At 3:00 p.m. today I decided to set it aside (It's a little more than half done which is way off pace for me) and sketch out some magnolias. Then I decided to put a little paint down and by 5:30 I had more than half the magnolia painting finished when I really had no intention of painting another painting today.
It was amazing to feel the freedom of the process. Some of you painters understand. When the painting paints itself. Ahh. I feel like an artist again. I won't go too deep down this rabbit hole, but it really is an emotional roller coaster for me.
I'm encouraged. Pictures tomorrow...


  1. Well, grab it when you get it : ) Neiley, this is glorious. All your tree and blossom paintings just sparkle with light. No wonder you feel great tonight!
    p.s. Why are we all so up and down when we do a so-so painting? It seems pretty universal among our lot ; )

  2. So beautiful and lively! Just started looking at your blog last week and it is now one of my daily stops for inspiration and guidance. I do oil, acrylic and pretty new at it. What medium are you using?


  3. Thanks guys! I am painting in oil right now. Marjolaine, do you have a blog?? I'd like to visit if you do. You should visit Kim Rempel's blog (Eat Drink Paint)and definitely Carol Marine too! If you are looking for guidance, Carol's FAQ link (on her blog)is very helpful. Happy painting!

  4. No Neiley, I don't have a blog. I'm not as talented as you all are for that. I do visit the two artists you mentioned. Was really hooked to Carol's and now your blog is my new "stare"! Awesome stuff, really!

  5. I adore your paintings! Absolutely beautiful!

  6. Beautiful Neiley! I love the bright blue sky behind these gorgeous flowers.