Magenta Hollyhocks (redone)

This painting originally had a yellow background.  I didn't feel comfortable with it (hated it actually), but due to a deadline, I stuck with it.  It hung at the "Cafe This Way" for two months.  I couldn't live with it so I finally went up and got it.  Now that I have changed the background to the color I originally wanted, I'm happy with it.  Gut instincts.  Thank you "Magenta Hollyhocks" for reminding me to forget all the rules and to express myself freely.  Lesson learned (AGAIN).

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  1. Well, it's a hard lesson to remember! Maybe we need it stamped across our hands : ) Yes, it's good you stuck with your gut because you created a harmonious, luscious painting. Did you ever finish your tree from a few posts back? I'd love to see it! Love your work.