Ahh, peonies...

I haven't worked on a peony in a long time.  This one is a 30"x40" which is one of the bigger sizes I do.  Hopefully it will be one of my "show pieces" this year.  Too bad I don't have all the incredible photos that I took last summer.  My house was broken into and the thief stole all my computers and electronics.  Unfortunately all of my reference photos are gone along with the archive of all my past paintings.  It still makes me a little sick when I think about it, but it only motivates me to work harder.  Look out, this year's body of work is going to be extra killer!


  1. Oh that's horrible! That must have been an awful experience. This piece has "killer" written all over it. Fantastic Neily.

  2. I feel your pain...I ended up using justcloud sevices and its worth the money to protect against crashes...