Lily of a New Day - sold

I have been working on a number of commissions lately and I don't post them for fear that it might ruin a surprise for someone. So here is one of the newest that is safe to post.

I recently noticed that I have a very unfortunate instinct to dismiss compliments about my work.  Almost in a rude way.  Just because I feel uncomfortable acknowledging the accomplishment.  And because I always feel a certain pressure to do even better next time.  But you know, I need to practice gracefully accepting kind words and accept that it is okay to say "Yes, I am proud of this one."  
I am receiving so much support for my art these days. I hope to be creating work that is inspirational and truly worthy of the support from the people who believe in me.  I can promise that I always do my best for them!
 I am so grateful, I would hate to project anything less.  Awareness is key!

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  1. I love the flower paintings especially--absolutely beautiful...