Local cow in progress...

  This cow lives about 5 miles away from my house.  I love all the colors I see in his fur.  He has been buried in snow for the past few months so I look forward to visiting him when the snow melts and seeing him enjoy the field behind his house again.
In other news, my studio is really trashed.  All I do is paint, so some reluctant cleaning is in order today.


  1. Your work is wonderful!! I drop in from time to time just to see you new pieces. I paint also, but not nearly as well as you do.

    I have given you an award...http://venusblueshideaway.blogspot.com/search/label/Liebster%20Award

    Have a great, creative day!

  2. I always admire painters who bring painting to life through use of colour and the contrast between light and shadow. It just awes me. Great work.